Indiana Propane Gas Foundation Rebate Programs

The Indiana Propane Gas Foundation offers the following rebate programs.

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2017 Propane Appliance Safe Installation Rebate Program Details

The Indiana Propane Gas Foundation has distributed all of the Rebate funding for the 2017 safe appliance installation rebate program. These rebates became available in February and continued to be refunded until the funds were depleted on September 14, 2017. IPGA/IPGF appreciates your participation in the program. Visit us in January to see what the rebate program will be for 2018.

PWS Farm Incentive

Propane Energy Pod

This model of new home construction merges five applications of propane — space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying — into an integrated whole-home energy package. Homes constructed with the Propane Energy Pod enjoy maximized efficiency, performance, and comfort.


Propane Mower Incentive Program

Learn more about the Propane Education & Research Council's incentive program for commercial landscape companies.