Propane Express is the official magazine of The Indiana Propane Gas Association (IPGA). It is printed and mailed semi-annually to all independent and multi-state marketers in Indiana as well as associate, individual, and honorary members. It is also sent to companies in other relevant industries including HVAC and PHCC. The publication reaches the desks of over 250 propane professionals throughout the state of Indiana, with a total circulation of over 600. A newsletter archive is also posted on the website.

The IPGA Membership Directory is published annually each summer and includes a list of all IPGA members, board members, legislators and more. Members include retail marketers of propane gas and appliances, producers and wholesalers of propane, propane appliance and equipment manufacturers and distributors, fabricators of propane cylinders and tanks, transporters of propane gas, and other companies interested in propane. The Directory is also posted on the IPGA website.

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